Outfit of the Day: 01/15/11

Hello darlings, this is todays' outfit
today is a day full of baby errands and lots of sewing and crafts!
Off-white lace top with peach ruffle is from H&M
Peach tulle skirt from Urban Outfitters
White tights with pink hearts from American Apparel
black oxfords from Salvation Army, I thought they were so fun and cool, till my teach made me realize that these shoes probably once belonged to a man with very tiny feet....creepy
This is an upclose of my tights
and of course my little bag
Then I have this lovely pin from my sister

Today's look is inspired by:
words cannot explain how much I love this film.
If you have not seen the film, The Virgin Suicides directed by Sophia Coppola based on the book written by Jeffery Eugenides is the story of 5 sisters during the 1970's that commit suicide.
The clothing, cinematography and even story line of this film is TO DIE FOR
not to mention I am obsessed with Kirsten Dunst
and I am one of four sisters.
The pastel colors, the soft fabrics, the dainty florals and 70's style are all extremely inspiring.
so inspiring I've actually done a photoshoot inspired by this film as well and am looking forward to doing another with my sisters!

keep is sassy,



  1. the virgin suicides is my favorite movie! i am so excited to see somewhere Copolas new film. I was supposed to see it yesterday but my plans fell through.
    Also I love the lace dress, I can definitely see the virgin suicides inspiration

  2. Love this look! Its very pretty and feminine! Plus it's super cool having The Virgin Suicides as inspiration, its definitely one of my favourite films!