Outfit of the Day: 01/14/11

I FINALLY GET TO WEAR FREE-DRESS, and this is what I wore!

This is my ensemble, forgive the dramatic lighting, I took this picture at 7:00
I was told it was supposed to be chili today

it wasnt.
My striped blazer is from Lucca Couture from Urban Outfitters
I'm also wearing a black long sleeved leotard from American Apparel
A vintage Betsey Johnson jumper dress
Swiss dot tights from AA
look at those happy skulls!!
I had to wear my lovely Doc Martens aswell
and a headband borrowed from my sister
This is my outfit without the jacket

My outfit inspiration.


Shirley Manson

(my sister always says I look like a wise men with this headband)

I brought my camera to school and took pictures of some of my friends that were just too cute today!!

This is Michelle!
She is quite darling.
Her sweater is from J.Crew
Shorts from American Eagle
and AMAZING shoes from Paniolo Trading.

And this is Sophia
She is a pixie! and I will arrange some sort of photoshoot with her because she is just the cutest!
I didnt get a chance to ask her wear her outfit is from, but I'm assuming its part vintage, part goodwill, part walmart and 100% magical.

and Lastly Karissa
She is my bean sprout! She is very tall and very lovely!

Her turtleneck dress is vintage
tights and shoes borrowed from her other half, Bianca

Oh and I'm going to a costume party later tonight so I will post lots of pictures from that!!

keep it sassy,


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  1. You have really stylish friends! :) I absolutely love love love your outfit! The blazer reminded me of Beetlejuice! :)