Outfit of the Day: 01/11/11

so okay, I said I wasn't going to do "Outfits of the Days'" from monday to thursday due to my uniform but I have the saddest story to tell.

So one of my new years resolutions is
"Be cute everyday"
but today I was running late for school and it was FREEZING, so I put on my royal blue polo with the atrocious royal blue sweatpants SWEAT PANTS PEOPLE! Gah I want to cry! but that isnt even the worse part, since I was in a rush I didnt want to deal with liquid eyeliner so I grabbed the first pencil eyeliner in my vanity which happened to be, you guess it ROYAL BLUE! The cherry on top of the whole outfit (besides me messy pony tail and disheveled appearence) was the fact that I ran out of the house in slippers (flip flops to everyone else) and they were also ROYAL BLUE.

kill me now.

so to make up for this fashion disaster, I thought I'd get cute and take some photos, so here is my outfit for afterschool.
the lovely cotton purple dress was borrowed from my sister
paired with a funky belt that came with a dress I bought from Goodwill
paired with this turquoise picnic plaid sleeveless button down from forever21
forgive the derpy picture, I just wanted to show you my handmade bow!
and I'm wearing my favorite butterfly pin!
oh and these adorable little pink checkered shoes from London Sole

so the main inspiration was basically to be cute.
but I'm also very much inspired by my penpals!!
Snail Mail
I hope you all had a wonderful day,

keep it sassy,



  1. Sooo sorry about the morning you had! At least everything matched! LOL.

    Well you made up for it with this incredibly cute outfit!! That handmade bow is so adorable.