Outfit of the day: 01/07/11

You must forgive me, I spent the majority of my day feeling like this
But I tried to shake off my dizzyness and uncomfort to go to the art show that my work was in!
we had to do the 5-year-old pose
These were rags used to clean the art center, they came out so lovely!
Here is my darling sister in a green Betsey Johnson dress and J.Crew sweater standing next to her piece in the show.
Here is an up close shot of her piece
And here is my friend James' found art
And here is me in a striped Forever21 shirt, Gap Jeans, and my Alexander McQueen scarf and my piece!
and her is an up close

So this was my day, I didn't get anything I planned done
and I was too gross to move.

wish me luck

keep it sassy,


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