Outfit of the Day: 01/06/11

Sorry for the late post (and I'm officially late on lookbook) but here is my outfit.

Today was a beautifully sunny day and I thought I'd dress accordingly

I'm wearing this tank top with a lace peterpan collar from Urban Outfitters
with little zip up black linen shorts also from Urban Outfitters
and my favorite felt hat is from Anthropology

and I'm wearing my favorite moccasins!
I tripped the other day, and now I have a strawberry on my knee
look what I saw my cat doing with my phone!!!!

Outfit Inspiration:
Georges Seurat's famous piece, A Sunny Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte
This is one of my favorite paintings

and is also featured in one of my favorite films EVER IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES EVER

and of course lewis carroll's famous tea parties!


  1. I love you shirt, especially the way you're wearing it with the high-waisted shorts. And I'm jealous that you have warm weather!

  2. Love your blouse! And I believe I have the same camera as you, is it an Olympus OM20 film camera?

  3. That camera of yours is really cool looking. :3