Outfit of the Day: 01/04/11

Todays Outfit Inspiration is
Maude from Harold & Maude
The Fur knitted sweater is from Betsy Johnson
And the silk blouse is borrowed from my sister Kelseys closet but originally from Forever 21
And the jumper is vintage and from my FAVORITE vintage boutique Catherines' Closet
My favorite vintage bag
Grey knitted socks from J.Crew
and my favorite moccasins from Paniolo Trading
And I braided my hair "Heidi style"

I just made two braids on both sides of my head and pinned them up and added a flower
As I mentioned Maude from Harold & Maude is todays outfit inspiration.
I love her free spirit and her adorable sweet wardrobe.
If you haven't seen the film, I highly highly suggest it.
I'm ranting about the clothing and the mix of patterns, textures and fabrics
but what I really love about her, is her spirit.
She's not afraid to live and has such lovely worldly vivacious nature and its something that I really really admire.
I hope that someday I'll have that sort of view on life.

And if you're gonna sing out sing out.

keep it sassy,



  1. i looove your blog!
    thanks for commenting on mine

  2. Email me (madeline.sophie1@gmail.com) so we can talk more about being pen pals!!! :)