Outfit of the Day: 01/03/11

Todays outfit is inspired by none other than the film

Now I watched this film for the first time last night and I was blown away.
The use of monochromatic outfits was mind-boggling. Each of the Heathers (and veronica) all had one specific color and they stuck to it throughout the film, it was seriously the cutest thing ever.

I think something goes off in my infant brain that loves things like that. But that wasnt the only amazing thing style wise. The use of teased hair and shoulder pads was extremely prevalent but not nauseating, I would probably wear ALOT of these outfits!
Blazer: Vintage (it was my mothers FAVORITE business blazer from the 80's)
Redshirt: Was from the surprise box I bought from Tavi G
Off White Corduroy Circle Skirt: Borrowed from my sister but originally from American Apparel
Red swiss dot tights: Borrowed from my sister
Off white lace-up boots: http://www.etsy.com/shop/unnecessaryhabit
Forgive the weird angle hahaha
earrings: vintage (again from my mother)
I even wore my monocle necklace like Veronica! It was purchased at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in SF
And since I don't own a scrunchi (and never will) I paid tribute to heather #1 with this big red bow.

Other Favorite Style Moments:
now I know this is the scene that Heather #1 dies, but come on that robe is to die for! I need me one of those!!
Their hats are ADORABLE, why doesnt anyone wear hats any more!! I will personally try to bring them back into my wardrobe!

Favorite Scenes:
Gosh she is beautiful, even looking like a hotmess she is beautifully badass

And boy does this film have GREAT one liners
And My Favorite Quotes:
-Well fuck my gently with a chainsaw
-lick it up baby, lick, it, up

Keep it sassy yall,


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