Outfit of the Day: 01/02/11

Forgive me for my late post, I had to clean all day! and my room looks....mediocre hahaha
well today other than cleaning has been a pretty languid day.
I've played on tumblr
and watched degrassi

anywho I've going out later so I will take many photos and update you on what happened!

So this is my outfit:

This is my entire outfit for this lovely day :)
Mesh floral button down: Goodwill
Yellow slip dress: Given to me by my sister Devon
And here is an upclose
Butterfly broach: My mamas
Pink daisy ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Blue ring: Give to me by Amanda Adam my penpal
Pink sparkley ring: Catherines Closet
The other gold ring is my class ring
all beaded bracelets are from 6th grade
and the blue knotted bracelet was borrowed from my sister Hayley
An upclose of the pleating
And these amazing shoes were also purchased at GoodWill
oh and aren't these Alligator socks are AMAZING! they look like tiny alligators are eating my feet.
and of course my little bag (which I will make a later post showing what I keep inside)

and this is my usually beginning to look typical eye makeup :)

For her fun-colorful-childlike fashion sense
because this is totally one of my favorite movie and because I love their collars

because they inspire my shoes, gotta love em

keep it sassy ladies n gents,


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