Outfit of the Day: 01/01/11

Today is the first day of the new year and my darling Maria and I thought we should do it right.
We went to two parties last night and they were very different to say the least. First was a family filipino fest from one of my dads friends. We got kissed by a shirtless man, were offered Jello shots and stole sparklers from 9-year-olds
THEN we went to this AMAZING party at my friend Allia's house, there was champagne in a beautiful house, with beautiful furniture, beautiful food and all my favorite beautiful people! It was seriously a night to remember

We are quite the pair :)
Maria borrowed my darling boaster hat and pulled it off flawlessly
She pared it with an adorable blue polkadot tank top with darling navy shorts
and her Jesus sandals
My wolf hood, of course from Spirit Hoods
And this darling polkadot bow romper was purchased at H&M by my sister Kelsey and lucky for me she didn't want it anymore :)
I paired it my Urban Outfitters Mary Janes and Betsey Johnson Tights
we then got coffee at my favorite diner Zippys
and donuts.
I love it when the coffee is done

Then we went exploring and came to my 2nd favorite park
the view!
Its called Christmas Tree park for obvious reasons

Maria's Outfit Inspiration

And My Outfit Inspiration
Am I the only one who finds Junie B. Jones tres chic?

keep it sassy darlings,


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