Obsession: Zeus, the Olympus OM-1

So I think its time you meet my baby.
blogspot, this is Zeus
he is an Olympus OM-1
and my one true love.
(I think my camera has a ghost inside)

Photos by Kinto.
I purchased this camera from etsy (including AWESOME strap) from the etsy seller cinnamonnymph
anywho, me and zeus are completely compatible. We played all summer long and we are still shooting throughout the year! and *knock on wood* I've only lost one roll of film CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! It also has helped me create some of my best pictures yet,
all of which you can see on my flickr
also someone once told me there is a ghost in my camera causing all of these light leaks, tell me what you think

Maria, My love.


I Found a Rainbow.

If there is a ghost, I think he is lovely and that we would be friends.

keep it sassy,


  1. I love Zeus! It is as if it takes it's own pictures! He really is possessed! I also love your dress!

  2. oh i love!! thanks so much for mentioning me :)
    i love the pictures he takes! (you take)

    keep warm ~

  3. These pictures are so lovely. I have a manuel nikon who is nameless and a canon rebel named penelope. I love the light leaks in your photos it makes them so charming.

    ps love the tea party too. i have been collecting teacups so one day i can have a lovely tea party in the summer. I was Alice in Alice in Wonderland the play at my school and I fell in love with tea parties