Obsession: Tiny Purse

The other day on Tumblr, I got this message

So I thought, what a perfect blogpost idea!
This is my lovely little bag, purchased at a flea market.
I keep a house key and 2 key chains on the end for easy access
And here I keep all my favorite pins!
I originally had 3 that said "saves" "the" "day" after my favorite band, but then I lost the "saves" one, but I kinda like it this way. and the deer one is from my new penpal!

And here is the temporary contents of my bag

Here is my lovely phone, and a polaroid I took in Humboldt california of this GIANT GNOME
I also keep a pack of stickers! for emergencies

and some measuring tape.

and the BEST CHAPSTICK EVER!!! I think my sister bought it in SF but seriously, its the size

and fake flowers that I occasionally put in my hair...like today!

and an adorable set of matches

and this was hiding under my stickers BUT HOW COULD I FORGET MY SASSY STONE!!!

The only shame about this bag is that it doesnt fit my book.
which is no fun.

that is all
keep it sassy,



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  2. love love love this> And your maude inspired outfit is fantastic thats one of my favorite movies. You have a delightful blog and i will be following! xoxo sarah