Obsession: Tea Parties

things come to mind when I want to write a post on my love of tea parties.

I was searching through my baby book there are countless pictures of me, tea partying it up.

I think oodly enough Tea parties are my biggest fashion inspiration EVER

Its the fun, bright, girly colors, the deliciously sweet food (I have a huge sweet tooth), the attention to detail, the chivalry, the china wear, the delicate nature of all items involved, I could seriously go on and on

so I've tried to rack my brain and pick a few of my biggest tea party inspirations!

Abigail Lorricks 09' fashion show.
the best part is I don't even need to explain why I love it, just watch the video and all will be revealed.

I think I've mentioned this as fashion inspiration many many times, but what can I say, its one of my favorite stories with a tea party I've always wanted to attend

or I'm not sure if some of you even remember this but in teen vogue I think February 2008, (I should find pictures and scan them) They featured a group of lads that started the "Tea Cake Tuesday Movement" which was basically that every tuesday they had tea, but of course, they were dreamy, and brittish so of course I had to love this idea!

and this is a photo from MY 17th birthday tea party (I need to dedicate an ENTIRE post to that event because it was phenomenal)
Marie Antionette, gosh I love that film, I love her story, and I LOVE the french revolution!
and you know what, if I were in her place, I would've totally said "let them eat cake," I mean really..what else would the starving, poor, dirty people of france want? NOTHING IS BETTER THAN CAKE
and of course Virgin Suicides ( I meant to have pictures from the party but this picture from the prom was the best I could do)

so with all this amazing inspiration of course I had to grab Zeus and take a few of my own pictures

Tea for Two

my momma and I have tea quite often.

and Bunny Ribbons.
when I was little I use to have a book which explained the language of fan tilting, I'm sure I'm inadvertently flipping someone off by doing this...oi
Tea for Two

Mint tea is my favorite

I love Tea.
and this is seriously only part one of this obsession.
I could seriously rant for days.

and with that I bid you adieu

keep it sassy,



  1. Ahh Alice in Wonderland wins for me, love the pics!!

  2. I adore tea parties! Great Coppola references, I just posted about both those films recently!! x

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