Obsession: Pen Pals.

I for one am totally, utterly and COMPLETELY obsessed with Pen Pals.

I've made quite a few through flickr and tumblr and I love them all with my whole heart!

When I got some packages (if I can remember) I like to take a photo with all the goodies

I Have A Wonderful Penpal!


I love Pen Pals!
I love each and every letter I received.

especially the fall leaf I received from my friend Kimbiee, In hawaii there aren't fall leaves here!

and if any of you want to send me a letter just let me know, I respond quickly!

Keep it sassy pen pals,



  1. I love my pen pals too! Actually I only have one, a certain Savannah Burton. We send eachother old clothes and random tidbits. :)

  2. I'm in love with your blog!! Well, I'm new to this world...! I hope one day I have a blog like yours!! It's amazing :) x

  3. I love having pen pals! ^^ I really want a British one for some reason...Haha, that's so cool that you live in Hawaii! I visit Hawaii often to see relatives.