Obsession: Karl the Nikon.

Since you guys have already met Zeus
I figured it was about time you darlings met Karl
Karl is my robot baby (named after Karl Lagerfeld of course).
He is a Nikon D3000 and he is a little dream.
At first I will admit, I was skeptical, I quickly sat upon my high horse and did not want to conform to the 21st century.
I was also worried about how Zeus would feel, I didnt want him to think I was cheating!
and despite the fact that I owned Karl first, he collected dust in Zeus's shadows
this happened
(film is expen$ive)
(I'm a horrible driver and car crashes are expen$ive aswell)
(and I rediscovered my LOVE for blogspot and realized I can't use a film camera for everyday photos)
Thus leading me to realize I need Karl just as much as he needs love and attention
my life is a chick flick, with the leading man being a camera
atleast we know he is well in dowd

i'm really funny.
keep it sassy,

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