Obsession: Journal

After my summer in New York (2007) summers were never as good.

especially summer 2009

so I started this journal while my best friend was in europe, it was a few journal entries under a sea of collage

so here are my favorite entries.

(Polaroids from my trip to california)

I was really into Saves the Day at this time

SASS (this is where it all began)
I was also into Elliott Smith

(you can see some text from an entry)

Metrocard from Summer 07'
This book was a great outlet for me
I was able to write out all my feelings
and post pictures of things I love

Do you guys have journals saved from awhile ago?
Keep it sassy,



  1. You have Adriano Cintra and Ira Trevisan in your scrapbook; you have good taste! CSS LOVE! The rest of the scrap book is totally cute too (:

  2. I love these collages! I have a small moleskien that i kept consecutively for 100 days before i decided it was too much pressure ( it was a new years resolution to draw in it everyday and all my friends knew about it and nagged me) I have a new one now though that i just draw in when im in the mood and a smaller one entitled curiosities where i write and draw interesting things i encounter