Obsession: House of Billiam Hoodies

So some of you may not know, but I'm a recovering Skins addict.
It took over my mind, wardrobe and atmosphere, which was AWESOME
anywho during the hayday of my love affair, I remember noticing something specific.
JJ's hoodies,

I don't know about yall, but I was completely enamored with them!
They were fun, quirky and so well tailored
I just had to have one
and that is what I did.

These hoodies come from this amazing company called House of Billiam, and they make these custom made, tailored hoodies (and letterman jackets now), that are made out of proper business wear but refurbished to fit you perfectly, and that is AWESOME.

I chose a patchwork tweed for the outside

and a blue daisy print for the inside, and they have TONS of other fabrics

The attention to detail is what really gets me, just look at the beautiful stitching down the back!
and my name is on the inside

and made to fit me perfectly
my cat loves it too!!

This company is awesome because they ask for your exact measurements and make hoodies that are made originally and only for you! and I love that idea!
To get an exact description of these hoodies, I stole this from their website

"1 Reversible Hoodie. The original product from House of Billiam: you choose a suiting outer and a lining fabric from our online swatches and give us your chest and underarm sleeve measurements plus your height and we will make the garment to your specifications. £175"

A girl at my school told me I looked like a hobo in mine.
but do I care? no.
because JJ and I can now be best friends!

keep it sassy,


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  1. I noticed JJ's hoodies too! gaah!
    I love love love your new hoodie, by the way :)