Obsession: Freezing time

Bob Dylan famously said "Oh the times they are a-changing"
and truer words have never been spoken.
Technology has advanced so far in my lifetime alone and I'm only 17-years-old!
As a young child I remember rewinding my VCR tapes and the excitement I felt when I got a walkman and Disney sing-a-long cassettes for christmas.
I remember the only program I used on the computer was "Kid Pix"
and that I use to play board games with my sister to pass the time, and when we got bored of those games we invented our own board games.

I remember looking out on my 4 acre farm and just guessing what the world was holding for me and never anticipating anything to be the way it is currently.

The other day while out to lunch with my mom I saw a toddler in a high chair playing on an Iphone. When taking pictures at the camp I volunteer for, I used my Olympus OM-1 35mm slr camera and the young 6th graders asked where the screen was. They've officially stopped making Kodachrome film and in enough time they may stop making film entirely.

What type of world are we living in?

Children have shorter and shorter attention spans and have given up old fashion playing for sitting in front of computer screens.

now I say this while blogging, I love the internet very much, and if it weren't for the internet, I wouldn't get a chance to be heard and to meet all you amazing people.

But sometimes I just wish I could freeze time,
to the farm
to my 5-year-old self
where I'd rather practice my somersaults and ribbon twirling than burn my eyes starring at a computer screen.

Where my technological umbilical chord had yet to form

Where I was completely free from judgement of outsiders

A much simpler time.

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