Obsession: Empire Records.

There is a reason why I got a C in science in 7th grade
and that reason is
now of course you might be asking yourself
"Sasssquatch how do those two things correlate?"
well readers, in 7th grade I would watch this movie on repeat EVERY NIGHT
and it still isn't old.
It made me troll tower records (It was the closest thing I had), and made me yell "DAMN THE MAN" as much as humanly possible

since I hope the majority of my readers will have already seen this movie I will just highlight my favorite parts.
can we just acknowledge this b0n3r worthy scene. Liv Tyler is 90's perfection in this film and this scene is the quintessence of teen pent up sexual frustration. She is part of the reason I love tartan and part of the reason why I personally believe that every single human should own some sort of red lingerie because I think it is good for humanity.

Rene Zellweger is a vixen or a "turbo slut" in this film. Her tiny mini skirts really accentuates her AH-MAZING GAMZ. Her one liners are flawless and she has single handedly made me want to re-invest in clogs.

the best ho-mance arond well until Rex Manning got in the way
Deb is also a huge inspiration for me. She is bad ass, she wears clunky combat boots and shaves her head. She honestly doesn't give a EFF and with her malicious button maker and suicide attempts with a lady bic pink razor with daisy she quickly won her way into my heart. She makes me want to get a nose ring and ride a moped so badly!

Then can we talk about the relationship between AJ and Corey. Okay first off AJ is one of the HOTTEST men of the 90's with perfect Shawn Laurence hair. And their chemistry is undeniable, and their kiss up on the roof is my single best wish of all time.

the thing is I can rant ON AND ON about this movie but I think video clips will help me summarize all my favorite parts

This is one of my favorite scenes because it is a perfect representation of all characters in this scene.
Especially Warren...
oh Warren and his love for Axel :)

The only thing I have to say is "Oh Rexy, your so sexy"

Gosh they are the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

and lastly

I think we should live EVERYDAY like its Rex Manning day!

Keep it sassy,


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