Obsession: Anna Sui Spring 2011 RTW

So I wasnt crazy about a lot of the collections this season
but one I LOVED LOVED LOVED was Anna Sui's Spring 2011 RTW
all I can say is OUI OUI ANNA SUI!!
So first off can we just acknowledge the AMAZING backdrop! I reminds me of the good ole days on the farm (little known fact, I use to live on a strawberry farm)

so starting with this look I think it is an AMAZING first look of the collection, it shows the amazing versatility of Anna Sui and her veritable assortment of fabrics. (Is it weird I want to rub my face on that sweater?)
I havent seen a poncho look that good since Emperors New Groove! Its super chic and the patterns between the dress and the poncho work fabulously in a haphazard sort of way!
Going along the lines of mixing textures and fabrics, this look is a PERFECT example of that, the beautiful sheath tank with wonderfully meticulous beading goes perfectly with what looks like knitted shorts!
This little pinafore reminds me of Polyanna, and it adds a touch of frill and girliness to this collection of wild prints. And those shoes!! I DIE!

These two looks are perfection, I love the mixing of patterns and denim along with the sassy strappy shoes!! (Is it weird that I want to be these models best friend?)

This necklace, those glasses, I have no words.
I love this color scheme as well, and it desperately makes me want to go blonde.

and for these last two looks: Gold, Flowy, feathers and flower crowns!?!?! All my favorite things

I give Anna Sui's spring 2011 RTW collection

keep it sassy,


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