So I entered three pieces into the scholastic art contest in specifically the photography department.
I'll know by sunday if any of mine make it in the show (I don't have my hopes up but regardless I'm still trying haha)

so these are my pieces.

First is a series of three pictures, taken with my Holga camera entitled Parasol


These three will be matted on black board.

Then there is my second piece, a 16" by 20" print of this picture

Illegal Sized Waves

And the last piece that I submitted was this photograph, but I made two and hand colored the inside of the frame for one photo and the outside for the other, they were double matted

To check out more of my photos click here:

keep it sassy,



  1. these are beautiful! Best of luck in the contest ( is it the scholastic arts scholarship thing- my friend got an award for fashion design through that last year)

    a few of my film photos are on my flickr (link in the side bar of my blog. The film in them got messed up so they are not exactly normal pictures, but they are completley unedited

    also of course you can be my friend and frolick in the snow, but i would much rather be your friend and frolic in the warmth!

  2. You are so creative and good at what you do. I hope your photos get picked.