Inspiration: Pop Stars.

The preamble of this blog consists of a warning: please do not take offense to what I am saying, I'm really honestly just stating my opinion, thank you!

so okay,
I grew up in the 90's,
and as we all know the 90's had the MOTHERLOAD of popstars all of whom I adore
There was Britney (who I still love and adore) who really paved the way for the popstars to follow, with her crop turtle neck sweaters, monochromatic body suits and of course dance moves for days she really was the quintessential "pop star".
Then Christina who actually has an AMAZING voice not to mention abs for days
and sweet little mandy moore who is currently irrelevant :( but at the time was a bombshell in her own right

and it got me thinking.
These women were not only sex objects displayed for men and teenagers, but also icons to hundreds and thousands of little girls. The sad part I find in this fact is that their entire image was based on their body and not so much their fashion. NOW PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG, they each contributed to the fashion of the 90's (I mean who else showed off their midriff as much) but I really find it interesting how different things are today.
Now despite Britneys attempts to make denim formal attire a "thing,"
Fashion in the music industry has only been developing more and more, becoming more and more avant garde and in my opinion become less and less about the musicians bodies

Now I need to be honest with yall, I'm not Lady Gaga's BIGGEST fan, I think that people put her on this pedestal, but even I can't completely deny that she definitely set the bar for popstars of today with her insane ensembles, I mean...she is wearing raw meat! And atleast she has been consistent in her complete and utter inconsistency!

Then there is Ke$ha, whom I actually love and adore. Her style has blossomed over time getting more and more elaborate giving gaga a run for her money. It was super sweet, I read in an interview she likes to wear blue lipstick because she wants girls to feel that they don't have to follow any preconceived notions of beauty or what is deemed "normal" and I loved that.

Then there is Katy Perry, who actually worked hard to win me over. Her style is something worth oogling after. I like her wardrobe especially because I think she mixes all different eras of fashion together pretty flawlessly if you ask me making it really very difficult to not like her.
Nicki Minaj seriously looks different every time I see her. I love her because despite being a rapper, doesnt dress like eminem, she dresses sassy and sometimes classy in every interview or red carpet she attends!
And lastly, the smallest and youngest of them all, Willow Smith. Now Willow Smith has just stepped on the scene, really only releasing 1 amazing hit (whip my hair) but already, I can see her blossoming into a fashion icon. Its totally her state of mind that is the cause for this, she is the only ten-year-old I've seen who honestly doesnt give an eff. AND I LOVE IT.

The best part about these lovely popstars of today was that (besides Nicki Minaj's booty) did you hear me talk about their "rock hard abs" or "perfect biceps" once? no, because that isnt extremely important these days, its fashion and how hard you can really push that envelope.

keep it sassy,



  1. The all have a great sense of style. x

  2. Thank you for your very very sweet comment, i hope 2011 is going to be great for you to! xx

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment.
    I have to admit, I don't like any of their styles (just my opinion)

  4. Beautiful :))))))



  5. I love how we all can discuss this! Everyone's opinion is welcome here :)