How-to: Elle Fanning Bow Braid

While filliping through the latest issue of Lula (I seriously recommend you pick it up, it is AMAZING)

I saw this picture of Elle Fanning
not only is she adorable, but I'm obsessed with that hairstyle, so I thought I'd give it a go.
This is what I came up with!
-Long ribbon (pick size depending on length of hair but longer is better)
-Hair Spray (I'm using an Aussie hairspray)
-bobby pins (always)
-and a small hair elastic
To start, let all your hair down
as you can tell I have long wavy layered hair
but any long hair will work
first you take your ribbon
You then wrap it around your head leaving one short end and tying a not, and leaving one side very long (forgive my bra)
Then you can tuck your front hairs into the ribbon (but bangs out would be really cute too, I just don't have bangs yet)
Then collect it all on one side
Then split your hair into two pieces
and using the ribbon as the third piece, begin to braid
Keep braiding
Then once your hair is at its end close of the hair braid with your elastic rubber band
but don't include the ribbon in the band
Then grab the long ribbon and form two "bunny ears" around the end of your braid, and tie the two in a bow like you did before you learned how to properly tie your shoes
and huzah! (you might want to make your bows prettier)
Since I have layered hair, I hairsprayed down my braid to make sure those short bits don't stick out
and use bobby pins to fix any other hair slip ups
I hope you enjoy
and please keep it sassy,



  1. Cute hairstyle! It kind of reminds me of Marie Antoinette, especially with the pink ribbon. Super chic!

  2. This is so cute! I must try! My hair always falls out when I braid it :-(