Fashion Spotlight: Hayley

Since I was on the topic of my sister Hayley, I thought, why not do a fashion spotlight on her!

so this was Hayley as a baby... (there is seriously nothing cuter)
jump 17 years, this was us on our trip to SF, the point I'm trying to show is her hair. Do you see how ridiculously long it is!?!?!
Her hair was her trade mark for the majority of her life, I have yet to meet someone else with hair THAT gorgeous
(pc: Kate Ryan)
I believe she is a mermaid
(pc: Kate Ryan)
In the early highschool years her style was a variable array of everything under the rainbow. She wore her size 24 ripped skinny jeans with funny screen T's with her signature long braids. Or she'd wear a funky nylon dress from Goodwill with a shrunken sweatshirt and combat boots.
One might see her style as "crazy" or "original" but I don't believe she saw it that way. I truly believe that she didn't give an eff at all, and wore whatever she grabbed out of her closet.
Hayley circa freshman and sophomore years is one of my biggest inspirations!
flash forward a year, this is Hayley in the city again,
her style began to transform, away from funky prints and textures but to very simple tailored pieces. As a kindergartner her favorite color was black and she began to gravitate towards that notion again.
Then she visited JAPAN
She was interested in japanese culture and style before but I think going to Japan really helped enhance that part of her style

while she still had her long hair she'd create the most BEAUTIFUL buns

Then there was the Wes Anderson party
She was Margot, it was AMAZING.
Here are some other photos showing off her style
And some photos of her I have taken


Fourth of July

my gorgeous sister.
Okay I'm done.
she is amazing.
and I feel creepily obsessed.

believe me I'm not weird

keep it sassy yall,


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  1. Perfect ♥
    Love her eyes, they are absolutely stunning!
    Good luck saving for that festival btw :)