Event: Costume Party

So last night I went to a costume party

and it was one of the funniest parties I've been too in awhile!!

this was the post.
I think it describes the event quite well

Since it was a costume party, my sister dressed as Little Red and I was the Big Sass Wolf!
Kelsey's Outfit:
Cloak: homemade
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: London Sole
My Outfit:
Dress: Motel (borrowed from Kelsey)
Maryjanes: Urban Outfitters
Spirit Hood: Spirithoods.com
and my adorable wolf pin is vintage!
She's in a human art class and their first assignment is to wear one color for an entire week!

So the first thing we find at the party is this
I dont think you can get more collegey
and for the party, Kelseys boyfriend Ben dressed like a B-Boy
This is my sister, Hayley's boyfriend Mitch
he is using his good hand
And the girl in the red Sparkley dress is Risa! She just got back from Spain and BOY did I miss her!!
She is gorgeous, now has worldly experience AND got that dress at "The Free Store"
they are sooo cute!

Then there is Alexei who was a...young Dumbledore...I think

They have lovely wall art

Ben is THAT gangsta
This is DJ m1tT3n.

.....no comment.
Here are some other pictures from the night

boy was it a bitchin good time!

Keep it sassy,


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