Event: Art Exhibit

So many of you might not know but I work at The Honolulu Art Academy art center at Linekona. I assistant teach art classes to kindergartners and work every saturday. Since I'm an employee I get to submit my work to the Faculty Art show which is actually a really big deal! Its going to be awesome, (they always have delicious punch)

This is the second show that my work has been in and I'm extremely excited!
These are the photos.

I would play can you drag yourself 200 miles with just your fingernails?FH000016

I'll post photos of the actual event when the gallery opens up!

keep it sassy,



  1. Very creepy- in a good way- pictures!
    Thank you for your compliment! It's funny because I actually did a Hello Kitty post a while back.
    Also, have you ever been to the Miu Miu store in Hawaii? I don't remember what island it was on but I ordered my Miu Miu collar from there.

  2. woooo! go caelan! when does it open???? this is awesome!