Conundrum: Hair Cut

Most of you probably don't know this about me BUT, I can't cut my hair till I'm 18
no, I'm not Amish
and yes, I have gotten it trimmed before
but my father has weird rules and I guess I've stuck to them.

my parents are leaving three weeks prior to my birthday
which means I get to cut my hair before my birthday!!!
January 30th to be exact!

so to give you an idea of what it looks like now

PC: Kate Ryan
Pretty long, wavy and light brown, not to thick either

and while I wish I could do this

My school permits any "unnatural colors"....always stifling my creativity I tell ya!

So I thought I'd channel one of my favorite people...ever
Jenny Lewis

with the thick sorta side bangs

Or I could do them more full....


I can't decide!!!

please help a sasssquatch out!



  1. Jenny Lewis has gorgeous hair! I really like your hair from that lovely post with the tea party!! :)

    And your question is not weird!!! LOL. I'm glad that you asked! :)
    So here we go - I used to chemically straighten my hair (sounds so harsh and it really is) and I did that until I was 15 because I was just not into that process of straightening my hair. So I stopped doing that and started to straighten my hair with a flat iron. When I would wash my hair I would notice how my hair would curl up and I always thought it was so cute so I decided to cut the bad hair off and wear my curly hair. And I've been completely curly since June 6, 2010. The last time I straightened it was for my graduation. In terms of styling my hair, I normally just wear it down in a plain style of will add a cute bow or flower made of fabric. I love wearing berets, I have too many for the fact that I have short hair!

    Sorry about the novel length comment! :)

    Do you prefer having long hair or do you plan to do a major chop when you turn 18??

  2. Do the Courtney Love cut and dye! Hahaha :-)