So I'm sure you were all thinking I'd wear something Native American inspired, due to my two blog posts dedicated to me love of their style and culture, but I found inspiration somewhere else! I found this AMAZING dress at Goodwill for only $8 so I had to wear it today, I just had too.
So as I mentioned this crazy awesome dress was from GoodWill and it might have been my most successful purchase...EVER
This picture shows better what this fabric actually looks like, and its a really awesome lightweight polyester cotton blend!
and I borrowed these lovely shoes from my sister, I'm not sure where she got them
And these lovely earrings, I received from my mother, and she bought them in college when she spent time in New Mexico
And this is my makeup, eyeliner from Benefit mostly everything else from Mac
So I was trying to decide where my outfit comes from and this is what I came up with:
If the citizen in the town which Edward Scissorhands resides
Had a baby with Cassie and her fun excited crazy printed wardrobe
And they baby grew up to be a Stepford Housewife.

Then you'd get my outfit :)

keep it sassy


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