Photographic Story: Kaimuki Adventure Summer '10

This was one of my first rolls shot with my new camera (my Olympus OM-1 named Zeus) and it was also one of the last shoots I shot with my best friend Tem. This photoshoot may still be one of my favorites purely because it was one of the last times I saw him.

My Ginger.
My Ginger.
My Ginger.

Practically every day during the summer Tem and I would meet halfway between our two houses. We'd walk pretty far in the fucking heat just to hang out because we were THAT bored. Tem was a ginger, and he still is.
He weighed only 113 pounds
and sometimes made me feel like shit.
but regardless we had some pretty fucking awesome times together
and this was a great time to bust out Zeus, and I'm glad my two favorite men could meet before Tem moved away.
he is my beast and my ginge
and eventually we all have to learn to let it all go

keep it sassy


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