Outfit of the Night: 12/31/10

So I didnt upload an Outfit of the Day today because I knew my outfit of the night would be so much sweeter.
Not to mention tonight I have my lovely darling Tiger (Maria) as arm candy.
Maria's Ensemble
Dress borrowed from my sister Kelsey. Kelsey glued the stars onto this dress for her magical themed 20th birthday which went perfectly with our current theme of new years.
And the tutu is borrowed from me and was purchased at Betsey Johnson
Her AMAZING deathly hollows necklace was made for her by our darling Panda's (Aja) Mother! And this necklace is appropriate because she is quite magical!
Maria was daring enough to give makeup a second go, and did a marvelous job if you ask me
and the darling was sweet enough to wear flats so we could be the same size!

The dress is from American Apparel and so is the tutu and the bow! I apparently didnt know how to tie a bow properly so my father showed me how it is done (he has a history in retail).
The shoes I cannot quite possibly remember where I bought them from.
and makeup! I'm wearing fake eyelashes aswell which apparently really piss off my sisters AND THEY USED MY CHANGE TO BUY A FOURLOKO THAT WASNT FOR ME!

Vintage bracelets

We are darling, I must admit.

My Outfit Inspiration:
Maria's Outfit Inspiration:

Our Collective Inspiration:

Happy New Years, Bitches

I hope this year is sassier than last!


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  1. Nice dresses! You guys have great senses of style. Also, massive props for Bear In The Big Blue House pic.