Outfit of the Day:12/30/10

So today I just got back from my doctor.
I've organized my room
and FINALLY had time to update my blog!
Today is the day before New Years Eve, an event that I've been waiting all year for (literally).
I'll post a video or just pictures with my darling friend Maria tomorrow!

and here is my outfit

Spirit Hood: by Spirit Hood
Dress: Given to me from my sister Devon but originally from Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Betsey Johnson
Glasses: Tom Ford (borrowed from my sister devon THANKS)
Bracelets and Rings: Either vintage or handmade
Make up: Majority Mac products
Shoes: Vivenne Westwood borrowed from my sister
Favorite Vintage pouch
And later I walked my pup


Veruca Salt
Ms.Dior Cherie commerical


those creepy dolls

Keep it sassy



  1. Oh man, perfect interpretation of the inspiration! (Rhyming!) And that sweater is glorious.

  2. OH MY WORD! thanks Tavi! that means so much to me that you'd read my blog!!!