Obsession: Spirithoods.

It all began with Ke$ha on the cover of paper magazine.
Now this was building on my love for Ke$ha, but once I saw this cover I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE ONE. So I did my research because they didn't mention its origin in the magazine. So I did my research and discovered they were from this website called "spirithoods.com" and boy did it change my life.
you pick a spirit animal based on your personality (or several like myself, I'm a complex person) and then you buy a hood from your spirit animal!
My first hood was the wolf.
According to the website "those with a wolf spirit are fiercely loyal creatures. They are team players and work well in groups. The wolf is a social animal and a great communicator, often teaching those around it."
it cost $129

Then I got the bear hood.

I Enjoy Supermarkets.
Bear, Fuzzy Bear.
According to the website "The brown bear spirit represents bravery and strength. People with this spirit tend to be curious and playful creatures. Although very affectionate, they won't hesitate to protect their own."
this one cost $119

Then it was a christmas miracle my mother got me the snow leopard!

I look sad because I haven't done a photoshoot in this hood yet that and I found out spirit hoods were listed as one of the worst fashion trends of the year..FUCK EM
anywho according to the website "The Snow Leopard has a presence unlike any animal, It's spirit is full of beauty and grace. Always attentive and aware in it's surroundings, people with the snow leopard spirit tend to be empathic and wise. It is a solitary animal that still loves to play!"
I think this animal describes me the best hahah I LOVE PLAYING

so now since I have three hoods I was kind enough to share with my sisters! Now we can all play like animals in the forest IN ONE GIANT WILD RUMPUS!
keep it sassy


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