Obsession: Old Train Cases.

This christmas I was delightfully surprised when I found this lovely vintage train case under the tree. My sister Devon (who is a total inspiration to me) brought an adorable little train case to Italy when she studied abroad there and from then on that was all I wanted.
This Ultralite Samsonite train case was purchased on Etsy and its has become my treasure trove of wonders.
Here is a far away glimpse of all my favorite things
To begin in the corner of the mirror, I keep a polaroid I took on Haight Street from this past spring break when I visited SF and left my heart there. I also have a metro card from summer 07', or the time I spent my entire summer in New York, I collected all these metro cards and I still find them lying around my room.
In the other corner of the mirror, I keep a polaroid I took from the "Bigfoot chainsaw carving" roadside stop in Humboldt california, there was Totem poles as tall as the eyes could see! and I also keep the business card from etsy seller who my mom bought this train case from.
And here is the inside of the trunk.
To start, this is some vintage glitter given to me by my mothers friend, she thought I could find some use for it :)
Then I keep a few flat items in the side pocket
To be specific: The album Takk... by Sigur Ros, The cover-art for the Empire Records soundtrack (everyday inspiration), and a few photos I've taken throughout my photographic career.
I have some vintage pins my mother bought me to keep in this case all from the local store Catherine's Closet.
In the bottom corner I keep the flask that I got from my friend Sabina, the prom corsage I got from my adorable date Patrick and a vintage hairbrush.
In the other corner, I keep a stack of adorable little documents that I've collected over the course of time. Starting with that little black journal which is a collage journal from summer 09'
I keep two birthday cards: (the purple one) from my Beast Friend Tem, and (the Unicorn one) from my darling friend Patrick!
I keep a book of shark tattoos for emergencies of course
I received this Rushmore postcard from my darling friend Natalie.
The yoshitomo Nara journal was kept throughout the end of my junior year, and the card to the left is a watercoloring drawing I made to my favorite song "Hollyhocks and Forget-me-nots"
And tucked away is my baby harmonica (and not shown, half of a wishbone from thanksgiving dinner, it is lucky, I swear)

I plan on adding more and more memories over the course of time
thanks for reading
keep it sassy

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