My Style History: Middle School

So here is a look into my style history.

so I began 6th grade with a lot of idealism, I wanted to be cute, stylish etc, but alas for some strange reason I misinterpreted cute and stylish, for tacky and fugly.

Exhibit A:

This "adorable" outfit was something I was really proud of. I got all my accessories from claires and always sported the huge almost covering your entire face. Now at the time this was my weird construed vision of what "hot" "cute" and "sexy" was...boy was I wrong.

7th and 8th grade followed along those same lines except...I wanted to be a model.

Exhibit B:
Ah, this is one of my glorious headshots that my poor mother spent actual money on. You must note that at the time I didn't realize I was so physically awkward and I was under the delusion that maybe if I drank enough milk I'd be 5'10...yeah I'm 5'2 and a half. At this point in my life I was very much into fashion, I researched all my designers but alas it didnt transfer to my actual day to day wardrobe. With my brand new hormone induced curls and brace I was quite the beauty.
Here are some other examples of my adorable middle school fashion:
Exhibit C:

Floral suspenders and flared jeans....
Exhibit D:

Despite my horribly "myspace" pose, I actually enjoy this outfit. And can we all acknowledge that I totally saw the floral tight trend way before everyone else did? am I right or what?
And lastly
Exhibit E:
There are only two things that I can think of, that perfectly summarize my middle school style, myspace and existance and they are perfectly displayed in this photo: Plastic Tiaras and Paul Frank. Without those two, I don't think I would've survive years 11-14.

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