My First Celebrity Style Inspiration.

It all began one day when my mother bought me the drugstore cosmetics used for the cover of this magazine.

My Obsession with Mischa Began.

Now I know around this time The OC was HUGE, but I never really watched it. I just became INFATUATED with Mischa Barton. I wanted to look just like her, I wanted to be JUST LIKE HER. And when she was the spokes woman for Keds shoes..I DIED.

I was so inspired in fact, I created my Mischa Barton Bulletin Board. I saved all the pictures I could from teenvogue and 17 magazine and put them on a bulletin board (On the wall in this picture). And this was me trying to be stylish in front of the Mischa Wall.

Then my love of Mischa + My admiration for fashion +My love of myspace photo shoots = My recreation of my favorite Mischa Barton Ads.


And my personal Favorite


Sadly my love for Mischa Barton began to diminish as quickly as her career did once The OC ended. But despite the fact that now she is a has-been coke whore bitch, I will always love her for inspiring me to be outrageous, fun and quirky with my style. And although the Mischa Barton Board is no more, I still have a clipping from one of her ads "Cool is when Vintage meets Modern" taped to my wall.


  1. Going through your blog backwards and totally in love with the photographs of you in front of your Mischa board. It looks so vintage and you look mysterious and modelesque. Your legs look really long too.

    1. omg this post is so old but still one of my ABSOLUTE favorites!!! You are such a good friend because you did this, I can't believe you did it!!!