Mrs. Frizzle

Morning Yall! I just got back from visiting my sister at American Apparel.
We also went to islands...which sucked.
And this is what I wore
This was a perfect mall outfit!
Shirt: My sister Devon got my sister Kelsey this shirt from Europe!!
Skirt: I made it myself! Fabric from Kaimuki dry goods
Shoes:.....they are my sister Hayleys from.....I have no idea
Here is an upclose

My two rings are my class ring and a ring from my pen pal!
And here is my favorite Tiny bag, I got it at a flea market in chinatown and all the pins are from different places. My sister made three of them (she use to have a button machine and she charged my $3 for them). I also have a Yoshitomo Nara pin (he is one of my favorite artists EVER) and the two pins that say "the" and "day" they came with a sit from the "Saves the Day" concert but alas I lost the "saves" one so...ohwell.
And here is my make up!
Eye Shadow: Mac
Eyeliner: Benefit
Lipstick: something from the drugstore

My outfit inspiration:
Ms. Frizzle.
Everytime I wear this skirt someone always says it reminds them of Ms.Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. She always wore fun and crazy printed dresses that pertained to wherever they adventured which leads me to my next point. If my skirt has planets on it, does that mean I'm going to space?

Well I wish it did, instead I have this to deal with...

oi vey

Keep it sassy


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