Inspiration: Native American Culture.

So growing up as a child, I was obsessed with the film Pocahontas.
Maybe it was her Free overflowing spirit.
Or the BEAUTIFUL songs that were sung.
Or the completely inaccurate historical description
Or maybe it was the hotness that is John Smith
But mostly it was the amazing colors and textures used throughout this film
This love has stayed with me for a very long time, so long that I think it has influenced my style A LOT.
Here is a photo showing a summary of Native American influence over my clothing
So to begin all of these wonderful items are on top of my fleece Native American blanket that I received in the mail (along with like 3 others blankets) from the same company that keeps sending me stuff for donations, so I donated 10 dollars...why not?
So to start, this is my dream catcher, (also free in the mail, but awesome regardless).
I love feathers, I love the way it blows by my window and I love hooking it to an earring hook and making one large earring!
Then goes my Moccasins which are of course timeless.
They fit on my meet perfectly and have stopped turning my feet orange! Although sadly one time I wore them in the rain...and lets just say it was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE mistake
Then there is my favorite turquoise necklace and matching earrings. My mother actually bought those her freshman year in college when she went away and moved to New Mexico. She kept all this amazing Native American Inspired Jewelry (not all shown).
And the darling llama earrings were only $3 from the Salvation Army!
And this AMAZING dress was purchased at the sale rack of urban outfitters when I visited this past spring break! It was only $12 and it is quite lovely. Its knit and has this gorgeous tribal pattern that is really quite mesmerizing.
These three feather head pieces were purchased at the powwow (pictures in a future post). Sometimes when I feel saucy I put all the feathers in my hair and dance around and run a muck! Also the middle feathers (I think they are qual feathers) were made by the same woman who makes Dog the bounty Hunters feathers!!
And lastly the bangle and the earrings were also my mothers from New Mexico but those lovely rings were purchased at the powwow!
(Powwow discussed in my next post)

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