Inspiration: Helena Bohnam Carter in "The Kings Speech"

I have to begin this post stating, I'm no expert on vintage clothing. But I know what I like, and I know what looks historically accurate and I must applaud the costume designer in the film "The Kings Speech." Helena Bohnam Carter played Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and she did a SPECTACULAR job. But the thing that impressed me the most, (besides the amazing acting and wall paper) was the clothing.
Now Queen Elizabeth had amazing fashion
And boy did this film do her justice! The hats, the coats, the fur EVEN HER PAJAMAS were breath-takingly accurate and wonderful.
here are some example of the AMAZING clothing
Here is my interpretation!
(can we just acknowledge my mothers pearl drawer)
Look Breakdown:
Hat: Vintage, purchased from Catherine's Closet
Blazer: Anne Taylor
Blouse: J.Crew
Gloves: Vintage, from my sister Devon
Pears: from the infamous pearl drawer of my mothers
Fur: my wolf spirithood from spirithoods.com

And if it weren't for Queen Elizabeth being a symbol of English perseverance and a iconic fashion maven this look wouldn't have been possible
keep it sassy

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