Inspiration: Eloise

My mama reads to my sisters and I, Eloise at Christmas time.

but before I begin my story may I just note (I hate the movie and everything it stands for, that little girl was a brat and she didnt serve the character justice so please don't leave "I LOVE THAT MOVIE" comments, or I'll hate you)

back to my point,

when hearing this story for about the 100th time It finally hit me.

My personality

My Sassyness

all of it is Eloise.

She was my biggest inspiration when I was little and I still act like her to this day. With a kind heart and (what I think are) good intentions that get intersected by want to help everyone and a little too much sassyness.

The best part of this realization is that I believe to this day that I still am Eloise.

I mean, I wish I could charge everything and live in the plaza but take those things away, we share a similar spirit if you ask me.


Me, Sasssquatch!

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