Dear Britney Spears.

Dear Britney Spears,

You are an icon. You are one of my biggest idols. Starting from the beginning, Briney Spears, your nymph like voice fluttered through my ears while running around the sandbox. All I wanted for christmas that year was a t-shirt with your face on it, but alas I never did (Santa didnt want me to be tacky). When you guest starred on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, my heart fluttered for it was my two idols in one place, both equally magical in their own right. Throughout the course of my life my love for you has deepened (The ENTIRE …oops I did it again album) making me want to own my very own red leather catsuit. And sadly it lessened (yeah I wasnt a big fan of your super skanky stuff…or Kevin Federline). But that behind us on February 16th 2007 (my 13th birthday) you shaved your head, and began your downward spiral to which I was very concerned. I payed attention to the news and hoped for the best. And alas, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you are reborn and more iconic then ever.

thank you Britney Spears for being my sassy idol since day 1,

Much Love,


p.s. did you know if you rearrange your name Britney Spears you get the word Presbyterian?

p.s.s. I also always have to listen to you when I'm eating Ramen... just saying

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