Today is the 28th of December. And this is my ensemble...
I took my pictures in doors because I was too lazy to take my tripod outside today, so please forgive my messy messy room.
This amazing top is from the gift box I bought from Tavi G aka http://www.thestylerookie.com/
and the skirt is from AA with a few bleach stains from throughout time.
You might be wonder "why are you wearing bunny ears in December Sasssquatch?
Well my answer to your question is, Because I am in fact a bunny in a stupid human suit.
and the ears are from Urban Outfitters
These ADORABLE Vivenne Westwood flats are borrowed from my AMAZING sister Hayley, aka Roldie. Her lovely boyfriend bought them for her, aren't they sweet.

So okay todays inspiration is a combination of:

Lisa Turtle
Dame Edna
The Easter Bunny

keep it sassy


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